Where can I buy the print version of The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, and IBD Weekly?

The Wall Street Journal, Barron's and IBD Weekly paper versions are often available at newsstands in cities and transit hubs, and at convenience stores. If you can't get to one of these locations or if you need a copy from a date other than today, this site is the only place online where you can buy a print copy of The Wall Street Journal, Barron's or IBD Weekly from Investor's Business Daily. It is also the only location to purchase copies of the magazine supplements from these publications including, WSJ. Magazine, Mansion Global and Penta.

How can I get general help about this site?

First check below to see if we have an answer for your question. Otherwise, please email wsjshop@wsj.com.

I received a "payment not complete" or similar message when purchasing with Apple Pay?

If you received an email from our store saying the order is complete, you are most likely fine and the problem is a glitch on Apple Pay. It could be caused by connectivity between your Apple devices. If you have any concern about the order going through, please email wsjshop@wsj.com to ask us before you try ordering again. 

The back issue I'm looking for isn't listed on this site. Why?

We sell back issues from original print runs. When we are out of stock, they are no longer available for purchase through this site. We currently stock back issues for 6 months.

I'm looking for very old copies of the paper. Where can I look?

You might try a web search on popular auction sites or try anydate.com. That company has an inventory of hard copies of The Wall Street Journal dating back several decades. (Anydate.com is not affiliated with Dow Jones, WSJ Shop or The Wall Street Journal.)

Is it possible to purchase out of stock items from Dow Jones?

In some circumstances, large orders of out-of-stock items can be accommodated. Please email wsjshop@wsj.com with inquiries. 

Can I search the text of the edition to make sure I'm buying the right one?

We do not currently offer full-text searching of the publications on WSJ Shop. If you're not sure, email us at wsjshop@wsj.com and we will pinpoint the correct issue for you. Remember that the date an article appears in print is often the day after it was found online. For example, articles in a newspaper dated April 15, probably first appeared online with a date of April 14.

Are regional versions of your newspapers or magazines available?

Generally speaking and unless otherwise noted, the back issues listed for purchase on this site are the "4-star edition" of The Wall Street Journal that was printed and distributed in the northeastern United States on the date of publication.

We do not offer for sale the regional versions of our magazines or newspapers nor early or late editions of any given morning's paper. Dow Jones Reprints licenses the use of individual articles for print or digital commercial distribution and sells framed articles and pages of any date of any Dow Jones publication.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free for magazine and newspaper orders to addresses in the U.S. for orders under $180. Shipping charges apply for framed reprint orders. Additional shipping and customs charges are added for addresses outside the U.S.  

How long does shipping take?

Customers in the U.S. can expect to receive their order of magazines and newspapers in 5 to 7 days, though often sooner. International orders will take a bit longer and vary by location. Framed items are individually crafted and take 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Can I get faster shipping?

In some circumstances a faster shipping option is presented on the "Shipping" page of the checkout process. If it is not presented, it is not available for your region and/or for your items. If it is presented and if selected before 12 p.m. ET, the item will be shipped that evening and should arrive in 2 days.

I placed an order but haven't received it yet?

If you have not received your order after the length of time we stated in your email and are concerned it may be lost in shipping, please email wsjshop@wsj.com with your order number. We will endeavor to track down your order or replace it.

Can you send me a tracking number?

Most domestic orders are sent via USPS and therefore do not have tracking numbers. International orders can be tracked using the track my order feature

Can I place large orders through this store?

We now offer bulk orders of up to 100 copies of any given item through this site, though individual limits will vary. If you need to order more than 100 of any item, please contact us at wsjshop@wsj.com.

I decided I do not want the item or items I ordered. Can I return them?

We do not provide refunds of back issues or framed reprints. Merchandise items can be returned if they have been unused. 

My order is damaged or not correct. What shall I do?

If an item arrived damaged or you received the incorrect item, we will certainly replace it at no charge to you. Please email us at wsjshop@wsj.com along with the name on the order, the order number, a description of the problem and photographs of any damage.

The copy of the newspaper I received isn't as crisp and white as I was hoping. Why do newspapers turn yellow?

Most newsprint is of a quality that is meant to keep the price as low as possible for consumers. It does not go through the chemical bleaching process that common "white" paper does. Therefore, newsprint contains a substance found in wood pulp called lignin. When exposed to light and oxygen the paper slowly darkens. The older the newspaper, the more yellow it will appear. Note that the framed historical reprints sold on this site are printed on archival quality paper that will resist fading and yellowing for a significant length of time.

What shall I do if I’m experiencing technical issues with the website?

If you are having trouble checking out or other website issues please first make sure your browser is up to date. If that isn't the issue, email wsjshop@wsj.com. We will respond to you as quickly as possible.