Workplace Technology | Journal Report, Mar 9, 2022

Workplace Technology | Journal Report, Mar 9, 2022

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The Wall Street Journal's C-Suite Strategies Journal Report, as published Wednesday, March 9, 2022.

Cover StoryWhy Is Workplace Technology So Hard to Use? Our personal devices So Hard to Use? and software are so simple by comparison. Here’s how to close that gap.


  • Vintage Gear: What office technology meant before the era of screens everywhere: Test your knowledge of pencils, Post-its and more.
  • Hybrid Life: How to work seamlessly and productively at home, in the office and in between.
  • Stormy Weather: Should companies providing cloud services face more government oversight? A panel of experts debate.
  • Machine Hiring: HR Meets AI - Using artificial intelligence in the hiring process may deter job seekers.
  • Pages: 8