Synthetic Spirits | The Future of Everything cover November/December 2018

Synthetic Spirits | The Future of Everything, November/December 2018

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The glossy Future of Everything magazine as distributed to subscribers of The Wall Street Journal newspaper on October 26, 2018.

On the Cover: Synthetic Spirits - It tastes like barrel-aged whiskey. It's a blend of molecules made in a lab. A startup is synthesizing high-end liquor from molecules in a lab. Will whiskey enthusiasts embrace innovation? by Hannah Goldfield

Also in this issue:

  • Why Artificial Intelligence can't be trusted
  • The First Flying-Car Review -- The WSJ’s car critic takes flight in one of the first “aeromobiles."
  • Brining extinct species back from the dead - Scientists around the world are using gene-editing technology to revive species, from the passenger pigeon to the woolly mammoth. What could go wrong? by Amy Dockser Marcus
  • Retail giants are using autonomous robots to store and deliver goods the way computer networks deliver information. Welcome to the physical cloud. by Christopher Mims
  • Europe’s largest commercial 3-D printer is gearing up to build yachts, planes and construction equipment by Mark Ellwood

Pages: 80