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Small Business | Journal Report cover May 1, 2018

Small Business | Journal Report, May 1, 2018

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The Wall Street Journal's Journal Report on artificial intelligence as published Tuesday, May 1, 2018.

On the Cover: "The Biggest Crowdfunding Campaigns: Where Are They Now?"

This 6-page section also includes:

  • The Harassment Problem - Why it can be tougher to fix the issue at small firms
  • As franchises boom, the service sector shows the strongest growth
  • Franchise disclosure papers can be tough to decipher
  • Venture capitalists talk about the startups they didn’t bet on—that turned
    out to be huge successes
  • Restaurants that do away with giving gratuities may take a hit to their
    sales and online reviews, a new study shows
  • How a cult movie studio thrives outside the system
  • Going Inside Escape Rooms - A look at how this hot entertainment venue
    keeps people coming back
  • Entrepreneurial sons who go into the same field as their dad get a huge boost