Personal Investing | Journal Report, Mar 7, 2022

Personal Investing | Journal Report, Mar 7, 2022

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The Wall Street Journal's Personal Investing Journal Report, as published Monday, March 7, 2022.

Cover Story: 10 Red Flags That Could Trigger An IRS Tax Audit in 2022 -- Accounting for pandemic-inspired grants, loans and tax credits could make it a tricky year for many

Also Inside:

  • Meme Stocks: Remember that meme-stock rally? A new study shows how Uncle Sam’s stimulus checks played a role.
  • In The Bucket: The Ask Encore column describes the merits of a ‘bucket strategy’ for retirement funds.
  • Need to Know: As commodity prices surge, here is how that market works.
  • Scoreboard: February 2022 fund performance, total return by fund type.

    Pages: 6