Personal Investing | Journal Report, Feb 7, 2022

Personal Investing | Journal Report, Feb 7, 2022

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The Wall Street Journal's Personal Investing Journal Report, as published Monday, February 7, 2022.

Cover StoryTips of TIPS: What to Know About Inflation-Protected Treasury Bonds -- Inflation-wary investors are flocking to TIPS. But they aren't like conventional bonds, including when it comes to taxes.

Also Inside:

  • Ask Encore: A taxing issue: Why Medicare surcharges can shock retirees. Many aren’t aware that a premium increase can even happen.
  • Home Field: Some global funds over emphasize stocks of their home country. U.S.-based funds don’t.
  • Portfolio Strategy: Olympic defeats can depress a nation’s stocks. Yes, our moods will mess with stock success.
  • Fintech Getting Started: A look at four financial apps (other than just Robinhood) for young savers and others.

Plus: A Monthly Analysis

    Pages: 6