C-Suite Strategies | Journal Report, June 14, 2021

C-Suite Strategies | Journal Report, June 14, 2021

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The Wall Street Journal's C-Suite Strategies Journal Report, as published Monday, June 14, 2021.

Cover Story: Working From Homes Has Changed Employees. Bosses Will Need To Adapt -- As workers return to the office, they are used to a lot more independence. How managers can rise to the challenge.


  • Pay Checks: With the remote workforce here to stay, companies may need to reevaluate a variety of compensations issues.
  • Video Off: The picture in videoconferences may make it harder to concentrate on the work at hand and what’s being said.
  • Staying Power: New at Airbnb: a rebound in business, and treehouses in your search results.
  • The New World of Executive Recruiting: The pandemic has sped up the process— and made it more democratic and less formal
Pages: 14