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Investing in Funds & ETFs | Journal Report cover Nov. 5, 2018

Investing in Funds & ETFs | Journal Report, Nov. 5, 2018

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The Wall Street Journal's Journal Report on Investing in Funds & ETFs as published Tuesday, November 5, 2018.

This 10-page section features:

  • A Reality Check For Small-Stock Investors - Small-cap shares, and funds that invest in them, had been drubbing the big guys since the 2016 election. Is the recent selloff the end or just a pause?

The report also includes:

  • It Can Be OK To Say ‘No’ to Volunteering
  • The Case Against Having A Bond-Heavy 401(k)
  • After years of lagging behind the U.S., foreign stocks are now relatively cheap
  • AI-Focused Funds Draw Cash but Struggle
  • Series EE Savings Bonds Can Be Used for College But be careful with the tax implications.
  • Pros and Cons of Federal Vs. Private Student Loans
  • Fama-French research shows that good strategies might not work for many years
  • ‘Hedged’ Bond ETFs Step Up
  • The DRIP Fan Club
  • The Midterm Elections And Health-Care ETFs